Appraisal Malpractice

Appraisal malpractice occurs when an appraiser misrepresents information related to the nature or condition of real estate that a client is interested in purchasing.  This representation may be intentional (appraisal fraud) or due to an accidental mistake (appraisal negligence).  Common misrepresentations seen in appraisal malpractice cases include:


  • Misrepresentations of size or square footage of a property
  • Omission of important information (e.g. whether the property is on a flood plain)
  • Failure to disclose that a change in value is contingent on some future event, such as obtaining important paperwork or completing a construction project
  • Misrepresentations of neighborhood delineations
  • Inappropriate depiction of the condition of the property
  • Accepting bribes or fees from loan applicants


Appraisal malpractice can occur with any type of property, including homes, businesses, open land, and commercial property.


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